Franny Erasmus

I am young artist originally from South Africa, but I have been living in the UK for about seven years. I work under the artist name, Sketchy. It’s a name my friend Elf and I came up with. It means lacking in details or undefined/crude . It also means something that cannot entirely be trusted. It’s kind of opposite to …

Radhika Menon

Being born n bought up in India in a typical hindu family I have always had the influence of mystical stories and various indigenous cultures in my life which made me have an instant connect to my psychedelic experiences that led to expanded visions.

Starspine / flowmotion

I have followed many creative pursuits since embarking on a career in the arts. I did a 3 year course in Fine Art Painting, printmaking and photography at the Port Elizabeth Technikon (now Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University). I always leaned more towards the multi media side of art and as such submitted a video art installation for my final year..

Sean Ravenhill

Having only recently begun to explore the creative outlet of Visionary Art, Sean has undeniably developed his own unique style in a relatively short time.