Anderson Debernardi

Anderson Debernardi is a resident citizen of Peru and in recent years has become one of the most prolific rainforest visionary artists in the region.

Neil Gibson

Watch this space! Soon, you will be able to enter into the portal of the mind of this Visionary Artist.


Originally born in Zimbabwe, now based in Cape Town, Julian got his first taste of psychedelic culture in ’96, which planted the seed for his love of tinkering around with digital art creations. Although he only really started getting into the psychedelic visionary art about six years ago.

Torus Energy

Torus Energy is the alias of Jack Lightfoot, a visionary, designer and multi-disciplined artist from the UK born in 1992.

Jonathan West

Jonathan is a South African artist who studied at the National School of Arts in Johannesburg. It was when he was introduced digital art however, that Jonathan finally discovered a world where he could explore his craft beyond the confines of the three dimensional, where he was more able to express his visions, working in a medium that surpassed the limitations of traditional art-forms.

Natural Warp

Natural Warp was born somewhere in between the forests and meadows of Flanders in Belgium as George Hoeylaerts. He started studying arts at the age of 9 and graduated in the Fine Arts, Visual Arts & Graphical Design in the year 2000.

Hakan Hisim

Hakan Hısım’s art is deeply influenced by non-ordinary states of being. Esoteric imagery is a constant recurring pattern throughout his work. His art shows an awe of the natural world, and its beautiful contrast with the alien, transpersonal nature of mystical experiences.

Thomas Duchene

Thomas Duchene spent his childhood on the paradise island of Reunion, where his creativity was inspired. Having travelled through Europe on various adventures and honing his artistic style, he was invited to Boom Festival to display his beautiful works of art. This is where he met the Psychedelic Dream Temple, where his art is now proudly displayed as part of the PDT collection.

Liquid Faeries

Liquid Faeries have been working in multi-media to create bespoke environments for festivals and events since 1999. Li is continually inspired the many beautiful people in her life and the magical moments experienced through time and space. She is forever grateful to be able to follow her heart and create art.

Vanja Vizner

Watch this space! Soon, you will be able to enter into the portal of the mind of this Visionary Artist. We’re just settling down on the finishing touches of their journey, which will give you a little more insight about the person behind the artwork of their expressive freedom and uninhibited imagination.

Radhika Menon

Being born n bought up in India in a typical hindu family I have always had the influence of mystical stories and various indigenous cultures in my life which made me have an instant connect to my psychedelic experiences that led to expanded visions.

Gio Berishvili

Gio Berishvili is a Georgian artist, mainly working with the digital media. His art is inspired by spiritual studies of
past and modern times.

Jeff D zine

Jeff is a visionary artiste from Paris (Fr), self-taught since 2000 in graphic design, he been also formed, during is studies in Movie realisation, Game design and Comics draw. After having worked on new technology in video games companies, his pleasure and challenge was to confront this next gen approach with his spiritual, psychedelic and shamanic experience. He like to …

Callum Adamstein

Atmosphere decor is the brainchild of Callum Adamstein. From an early age art has been a huge part of his life. At the age of 15 he began his artistic journey doing graffiti and mural art for bars , clubs and skateparks. In 2013 Callum tried his hand at stretch decoration and the following year..

Franny Erasmus

I am young artist originally from South Africa, but I have been living in the UK for about seven years. I work under the artist name, Sketchy. It’s a name my friend Elf and I came up with. It means lacking in details or undefined/crude . It also means something that cannot entirely be trusted. It’s kind of opposite to …

Starspine / flowmotion

I have followed many creative pursuits since embarking on a career in the arts. I did a 3 year course in Fine Art Painting, printmaking and photography at the Port Elizabeth Technikon (now Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University). I always leaned more towards the multi media side of art and as such submitted a video art installation for my final year..