The Psychedelic Dream Temple

Born from the desire to bring visionary art into greater awareness, the Psychedelic Dream Temple is not just a showcase of some of the world’s most talented artists but also a platform to inspire creativity from the observers themselves.

Visionary art requires not just observation, but active participation whether through creating it, appreciating it or being inspired by it,
one cannot leave the temple without feeling the creative influence impressed upon you.

Engaging in a work of art is an active process, requiring you to reflect something inside of yourself, visionary art is unique in the way it mirrors a universal aspect of being, removed from the constraints of the physical world, into perceived realities that exist inside the collective psyche and parralel universes outside of it.. visionary art seeks to explore the world experienced by the inner eye.

It is not only inspired by the dimensions that become available in altered states of consciousness, but also makes these dimensions available to the viewer, capable of triggering powerful archaic symbols of mind and magic that are housed deep within us all, activating collective memories, bridging worlds as it has done since time immemorial.

What is a visionary?

From the cave dwellers who painted the original rock art through to modern digital shamans creating masterpieces on their pcs, the goal has always been the same: to replicate the worlds experienced outside of our normal perception of reality.

Today, visionary art has grown beyond just being used as trippy wallpaper in hippie shops.. it has expanded into the mainstream world and the artwork of pioneers such as Alex grey and Android Jones have been used for album covers, concert posters and even blotting paper!

The revolutionary talent that forms our tribe is currently composed of more than 27 artists from around the globe; comprising those who seek beyond the bounds of our senses to a deeper understanding of the unknown, exploring the depths of perception.

These pioneers of the psychedelic culture have created works that form perfect synergy with the music, resulting in an absolutely immersive experience for people wishing to gain access to these realms simply by interacting with them.

It ís a prismatic spectrum of expressive freedom and uninhibited imagination. We believe that, through collective consciousness and intention, we have the potential to cause fundamental change in reality by changing the way people view it and the mystery it contains.

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